Easter and COVID-19

Easter this year will be unlike any I have ever experienced.  COVID-19 has changed many things.  Our family Easter meal will not happen.  Our Easter church service will be on-line.  There will be no egg hunts at my house.  I will do this day alone. Now, I admit my life has not really been turned … More Easter and COVID-19


Indescribable is the word that keeps popping up this Christmas season.  My sponsored child, Joseph, who has just graduated from university, wrote it in his Christmas card to me, and it was in a devotional I read just this morning.  There have been multiple other times, as well. What exactly does indescribable mean?  Merriam-Webster says … More Indescribable

“A Moment Given Over To Fear Is A Moment Lost From God”

The following is an excerpt from the book One Shenandoah Winter by T. Davis Bunn.  These words are powerful and spoke volumes to me.  I felt the need to share them with you. Read it over until the words penetrate your soul.     “Many of the lessons God wishes for us to learn are based on … More “A Moment Given Over To Fear Is A Moment Lost From God”